Frugal Tips for Furnishing Your Salon

Frugal Tips for Furnishing Your Salon

As a stylist, you’ll know better than anyone how people judge a book by its cover. To attract the kind of clientele that you want, the tone of your salon design is going to have to speak volumes. The atmosphere you create within your shop will establish just who walks through the doors.

Although you know how important it is to get your design just right, if you’re starting a new business, you’ll already be strapped for cash. After forking out thousands for the right equipment, you’ll have little moolah leftover for decoration. But don’t worry; with the right approach, you can get the style of your dreams without having to hand over big bucks for it. A website called has been made to help you discover more about Cheap Suggestions for Decorating Your Salon.

Here’s how to frugally design your salon:

Go Boutique

By investing in a smaller salon, not only will you have to pay less on rent, but you can concentrate on your interior design. This means that you’ll need less of everything and you’ll be able to splash out a little more on investment pieces that you truly love.

If you’re planning on attracting up-market clientele you can make your salon luxurious for a fraction of the cost.


You should be able to find a variety of salon supplies or furnishings at discount prices. Sometimes these items will have minor cosmetic damage, but unless the structure has been affected, don’t let that worry you.

Seating, for example, can be completely re-upholstered, if there’s a tear or stain on the material, to fit in better with your salon design. It’s amazing what a bit of fabric and paint can do for an ancient set of chairs.

Old wardrobe mirrors can be hung on the wall and second-hand lights can be fitted above for optimum clarity. Used cabinets can be given a completely new lease of life with resurfacing and a set of funky handles. The website has been created to assist you in learning more about frugal tips for furnishing your salon. The website provides you with the latest trends in salon furnishings and décor.


There are many opportunities for you to roll up your sleeves and create something special. From homemade-style magazine racks to decorative potted plants, you can do so much for your salon with minimum skills and equipment.

Turn that unused bookcase at home into a fashionable hair product storage area, with a lick of paint, or pick one up from eBay and give it some TLC.

For artwork, you can collect some stunning styles from your favorite hairdressing magazines and frame them. Not only will this act as inspiration for your customers, but it’s a decoration that’ll cost you next-to-nothing. Better yet, make an arty collage!

Choose A Theme

By sticking to a carefully crafted theme, you won’t go off track and buy more than you need to. Cluttered areas shrink a room, so keep things minimalistic to encourage light and space. Less is more and it saves you a lot of money.

Small choices can make a huge difference to your yearly expenditure. With this in mind, opt for potted plants that’ll last for months instead of cut flowers that are expensive and need to be replaced regularly. A website called has been made to help you discover more tips for decorating Salons.