Rukus Portable Bluetooth Sound System – 1st from Eton


Eton has managed to generate plenty and many devices that were considered to be cost effective and included solar power over the past years. Here is another one from Eton, the Rukus Portable Bluetooth sound system which becomes the first portable Bluetooth sound system. Here you’ll find information about sound system , gadgets and the latest trending technologies.

For energy efficiency Eton have powered the Rukus Portable Bluetooth sound system with Rukus solar panel and this sound system can torrent the song from any well-matched device wirelessly. Apart from being created to be transportable in characteristics, the Rukus has some ideal audio system that quite deserves too. This can help in generating some extremely powerful waves of noise.

Controls for The Rukus Sound System

The Rukus contains a Bluetooth toggle that can be found on the front side controls, a button that is labelled Control that enables the user to switch the device on, as well as control buttons for the volume, bass, and aux improvements. The amount of solar charge, the amount of battery charge, as well as the location of the Rukus Wireless stereo audio are all displayed on the e-ink screen that the device utilises to display information. Learn more about controls for the Rukus sound system by clicking here: .

Solar Screen

The most amazing aspect of the Rukus Portable Bluetooth sound system is the presence of a solar panel with a 40-square-inch surface area that can collect energy from the sun and transform it into a form that can be used. It is necessary to carry out the method a total of six times in order to derive energy from the surrounding natural light and feel revitalised as a result. Eton has made the assertion that the Rukus will never find themselves in a position where their energy reserves are completely depleted.

Though, the customer can take Rukus Bluetooth sound system the further way because that would be too much of a claim. Rukus Bluetooth sound system can in fact be charged by means of an AC adapter as well and thus continues to be quite power well-organized in nature. The Rukus also has a built-in USB port that assists to power up all other usb compatible devices.

E-Ink Screening Display

It has been said that the screen component of the Rukus Portable Bluetooth sound system checks information while simultaneously keeping the power source from being exhausted in a short length of time. Moreover, this assertion has been supported by evidence. The screen provides still another advantage, in addition to the others that have already been mentioned. When viewed from an angle of one hundred eighty degrees, it can also be comprehended by those who are gazing at it. For more information, kindly visit this dedicated website: .