The Very Best Gift Ideas for Techies


Buying gifts for people who love technology is easy and for people who are worrying about Christmas presents or birthdays, it’s a perfect hobby to have that’s at once mainstream and versatile. Of course, if you don’t know what they own already, or if you don’t know their specific interests then this can be a little more difficult though, and if you’re a bit of a technophobe then it can be an intimidating prospect. Looking for the perfect gifts for techies? Check out the website for more information and surprise your loved ones.

Don’t worry though because help is at hand – here are some gifts that will work in a range of situations and be sure to satisfy most gadget lovers and IT geeks…


There are several different vouchers that any tech lover can appreciate and this is a brilliant gift to choose because it requires no tech knowledge on your part and because it’s something that it’s impossible to have ‘too much’ of. Obvious suggestions are any vouchers for technology shops which can include things like Curries, PC World, or Comet, or even digital vouchers that they can use like iTunes coupons, Play Store vouchers, or Kindle store ones.

Fun Gadgets

You can also find a range of fun gadgets that your recipients will be sure to love and that won’t cost you the Earth and that will have a fun novelty appeal. This could mean for instance a spy camera, a remote-controlled helicopter (which you can get surprisingly cheaply), or wristwatches that pack cameras or other funky features that can make them feel like James Bond. Check out the website for more ideas and inspiration.


If the gift is for someone close and you’re looking to spend upward of $100, then there are several much more impressive gifts you can buy that fall within a reasonable price range. For instance, if you want to get someone a tablet there are now plenty of great options whether you want to go for a Nexus 7 or a Kindle Fire. Of course, a regular Kindle is even cheaper, while you can get a Wii these days for a bargain rate (and they’re a lot of fun for parties).

Then there are the more unusual angles – for instance what about an old piece of hardware they used to enjoy? I know for one that I would love it if someone were to buy me an old ZX Spectrum or a Master System. If you’re unsure about this then ask a friend, it’s a very unusual gift but one that’s bound to get a lot of enjoyment.


Getting memory sticks or SD cards is a great gift for someone who comes in a range of prices and you can never have too many of them. Whether they use it for backing up data, for having more space for photos on holidays, or for increasing the memory of their devices they will prove to be very useful and something like a SanDisk Ultra Micro SDXC 64GB can be enough for them to carry their whole media library in their wallet.

Of course, pen drives can also make useful gifts, particularly if you can find them in fun and unusual styles (I recently got an Iron Man pen drive which I love). Note though that these aren’t quite as versatile as SD cards as they can’t be used in cameras or most phones or tablets. Searching for unusual presents for your tech-savvy loved ones? Find the greatest tips and ideas at the website