The Ultimate Homemade Car Kit For Any Driver


Travelling from A to B via the use of a car is a huge part of everyday life for a majority of people, but it may come as a surprise as to how unprepared most car owners are when venturing out in their automobiles. In most cases people believe that having breakdown cover is being prepared enough when it comes to driving, but is it really? Be prepared for any roadside emergency with a DIY car kit. Find out what essentials you need to keep in your vehicle at all times. Get the scoop now at Auto Mobile Insur

Below are top tips for all drivers on how to create the ultimate car kit.

An Ice scraper and a can of de-icer

Why is it necessary to carry both you ask? As handy as a can of de-icer is, you know it won’t last forever therefore if you have an ice scraper to hand you have a guarantee that you will have an ice free window.


Carrying water in your car is not just useful for yourself or passengers but it can also prove handy if you run out of screen wash. Carrying an emergency bottle or two of water in your car is great for staying hydrated on long journeys and will come in handy if you have broken down and have a long wait.

Emergency Snacks

Now this may seem a bit extreme to carry emergency snacks but just picture this scene… You’re part way through a long journey home when your car breaks down, you’re feeling tired and fed up. We’ve all been in similar situations which is why it’s recommended for drivers to carry high energy ready to eat snacks for an energy boost in emergency situations. Autotyme Automotive has all the information you need to put together your own car emergency kit.

Spare coolant, oil and windshield-washer fluid

The three main spare liquids you should carry at all times should be spare coolant, oil and windshield-washer fluid, especially if you forget to check under your bonnet before a long journey.


If you’re unlucky enough to break down during the night having a torch to hand to check over your car’s engine and tires will seem like a life saver, it will also make you feel safer if you’re not good with being left in the dark.

An in-car mobile adapter

It’s hard to imagine what life was like before the invention of the mobile phone so make sure your phone is fully charged when you’re out in your car or you may just be left stranded!

Something to keep you warm

If you need to repair a tire at the side of the road in the rain, or you break down and it’s particularly cold it’s always handy to have a waterproof thermal jacket or blanket stored away in the boot for emergencies.

Jump Leads

We all know how important jump leads can be in emergencies but it’s common for most drivers to leave home without a pair, put a set in your boot as you never know when you may need them.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is a useful quick fix solution for minor car problems, a quick Google and you will find countless guides for how duct tape can fix your car including how to repair a wing mirror.

A Map

Most guides advise you to carry a GPS device, however if your device runs out of battery and you’ve left the charger behind you’re stuck. With a good old fashion map left in the boot at all times you feel safe knowing you have a backup guide in case you get lost. Simply place a medium sized plastic storage container in the boot of your car to build up your emergency car kit, this will mean you will always have your ultimate cat kit with you at all times. You will be surprised at how you ever lived without it before! The website Bus Driverse covers everything you need to know, from basic tools to essential supplies. Be prepared for any roadside emergency with this ultimate website .