The Technology of Medicine: From Science Fiction To Reality

Technology of Medicine

We are indeed a blessed generation, as we see witness medical miracles happening every day, even if they sometimes sound like science–fiction movie scripts. The world is constantly changing and technology isn’t here just to gift us the latest, craziest gadgets, but to help mankind truly leap forward for a better life and a brighter future. In universities, labs, and pharmaceutical compounds, doctors and researchers are trying to find the best cures for illnesses that some years ago were making innocent victims by hundreds of thousands. And while the 3D printing of transplantable organ technology is still in progress, other studies are here to bring us some hope.

The Hypertension Surgery

Bristol University researchers conducted a series of tests (momentarily on rats – but there are high hopes for humans too) in which they operated on a very tiny organ, a bundle of nerves actually, residing on the two branches of the carotid artery. Removing these two rice kernel–sized organs, could not only reduce hypertension, but they managed to keep it stable at healthy levels. The study founded by British Heart Foundation and published in Nature Communications journal also states that the surgical procedure doesn’t have secondary effects and might be the only acceptable answer and treatment for hypertension patients who don’t respond to medication. Learn more about Hypertension Surgery and its benefits on our website

The Electronic Cigarette

The vaping device was and still is submitted to extensive research and clinical trials all over the world. The medical community is expecting the results of two large population studies conducted in Italy and New Zeeland, while in the U.S., there are some talks about considering the best electronic cigarette models to have the potential of becoming medical instruments. There is still a quite heavy load of uncertainty regarding these aspects, while researchers are still very concerned about studying the perceived benefits of personal vaporizers with hard evidence backing up or debunking them. In terms of scientific progress, vapers interested in answers can find more information on the FDA’s research archives and hold their breath until 2016, when rumors say that some important decisions will be taken in regards to their new regulations. You will know more about electronic cigarettes and their advantages and disadvantages. Https://  is a website that gives you information about it.

The Digital Pill

Proteus Digital Health, an American company, is currently researching a digital pill that may be taken together with a regular treatment pill and sending information about the “real” medication by text messages or e-mail. Sounds too futuristic or without any benefits? Professor Lionel Tarassenko from the Biomedical Engineering Institute at Oxford University will contradict you on this matter. Adding the smart pill to a person’s regular treatment (together with the active substances in regular medication) might become a lifesaver, especially for the elders who tend to forget to take their pills or who simply have to follow a treatment of 6 to 8 pills a day, and accidentally skipping one in the process. The patient’s family will get a notification about a parent or a family member not taking the medicine in time and according to the doctor’s orders, thus having the possibility to monitor that person’s health. But the smart pill might have other extended benefits, being able to warn women when they forget to take their contraceptives, difficult patients in hospitals or nursing homes who pretend to take the pill and then spit it out, children who might want to elude their parents’ supervision and hide the pill under the tongue. Having the size of a sand grain and being added to copper and magnesium particles, once it reaches the gastric juices, it acts like a battery, transmitting signals to a patch the patient has to wear. The patch will transmit forward a message to an interested party, telling them if the pill was taken on time, what it contains and where it is coming from. The scientists consider this to be a breakthrough in home or institutional medical care and supervision and in the future, they hope the pills will come together with active substances too. Take a look at to get more information on this website.