Building a Large Business from Your Living Room


It may seem hard to believe, but you can build a large company right from your home, even if you are living in a one-bedroom apartment, it can be done. The reason for this is the progress that has been made with Internet services, especially with virtual office services. The following is a quick explanation of how you can achieve this kind of success. Learn how to turn your living room into a thriving business with this informative website .

Find a source for products from a company that will drop ship

The first thing you need to do is find one or more products that you can sell, but the key is to find products that a company will drop ship for you. What this means is that you make the sales, and then you pass along the names and shipping information to your source. They pack the item, place the shipping label on the package, and affix postage. You pay the company for the item that was sold and the cost of shipping.

Anything above that, you can keep. This is your profit. The label and any paperwork inside the package will have your company name on it. Your customers will think that the item was shipped directly from your factory.

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Outsourcing order placement to a call center

There are calling service companies that offer the service of answering your phone and engaging in the activity that you specify. In the case of a one-person operation from their living room, this can take the form of a toll-free number used to take orders. All you need to do is advertise. When a customer calls the toll-free number, an operator will answer the phone in the manner you have prescribed, and take down the order. Basic information can also be given to a customer if they need a little extra incentive to place their order. When people call your toll-free number, they will have no idea that a call service center has answered the phone.

Outsourcing order tracking

After your product ships, customers will have questions. One common inquiry will be about where the package is. Tracking orders is something that can be outsourced. Some companies specialized in this type of office assistance. Your website can be integrated with an office assistant, so the information about the package will be available for an assistant to help your customer. In addition, a valuable service you can take advantage of is following up with a customer whose card was declined. Often, the reason for this was the card had expired, and a new one needs to be used. One follow-up call and a sale are made. This type of service can easily pay for itself.

Once you have everything set up, the only thing you need to do is sell the product. Get customers to call your toll-free phone number or place orders directly on your website. How and where you advertise is up to you, but if you can achieve a high level of success with your advertising, then the sky’s the limit for how much money you can make, and all of this can be achieved using your computer from your living room. Make the most of your ambitious target by following detailed instructions provided at this website .