Bankruptcy Fraud The top 4 methods involved


There’s a lot of significance involved with filing of a bankruptcy relief. This is because debtors are known to receive formal relief with the filing of bankruptcy and then it’s being granted by the federal court. However, there’s another side to the story as well and that includes bankruptcy fraud. It’s dangerous yes, and more so because it can be coupled with a number of other financial crimes which can leave you in a serious lurch. You see bankruptcy fraud happens to be a rather simple white collar crime that can be committed. Moreover, if you intentionally defraud the Federal Bankruptcy Court, then there are some serious consequences involved. If you want to learn more about finance management, visit here for further details.

The top 4 bankruptcy frauds that are prevalent

In general, there are top 4 ways in which bankruptcy fraud can be committed. Check out what they involve.

  1. Credit card fraud: There are chances that you mightn’t fill up your credit card with purchases before filing bankruptcy. However, fact remains that if you’re thinking on the lines of a spending spree, then you’re very much mistaken. This is because the bankruptcy trustee happens to be an expert as far as tracking expenses and what you spent on is concerned. With your filing bankruptcy make sure that you stop spending anything on credit. You could get a secured credit card if you’re looking to make daily purchases. It’d of course be better if you paid in cash. Asking your attorney about what you can spend and what you can’t would be the best thing to do.
  2. Intentional filling of wrong details: You should always ensure the fact that you get the right details from your bankruptcy attorney as far as filing forms are concerned. This is because there are certain financial aspects that need to be included which you shouldn’t miss out on. If you’re unaware of what a question means or requires, then make it a point to ask your lawyer. Making a mistake when it comes to the papers can have far reaching consequences. If a mistake is caught by the bankruptcy trustee, then you’ll only have your attorney to rely on for getting out of it. You can also visit this website for useful information about finance, marketing and debt, credit.
  3. Intentional hiding of assets: It’s considered as bankruptcy fraud if you give family or friends assets to hide. Most importantly if you’re caught doing so, then you’re bound to receive jail time. Leaving out or omitting assets or trying to escape to avoid being held accountable is definitely going to be counted as fraud for more reasons than one. This can include property like say boats, land, home and vehicles.
  4. Filing in multiple states: Another fraud method is to use multiple identities for the purpose of filing bankruptcy and that too in multiple states. This is essentially considered illegal. Federal prosecutors are very much known to charge for suspected bankruptcy fraud.


Steer clear of intentionally or unintentionally committing any of the fraud methods that have been discussed above. Bankruptcy fraud is best avoided to stop you from getting into financial hassles and do things right. Click here to get detailed information about finance and bankruptcy as well.